Feb 11, 2010

Kala Ghoda Film Festival.

Namaskar, Ciaoooo, bokkkk,

missng meeeee............long time since i writing again.....d occasion is very special, just came frm Kala ghoda festival, its great been der music, dance, films, art its happening.
m interested mainly in kala ghoda film festival, lots of grrr888 movies frm all around d world, wich one to saw & wich not....i cn't decide, want to see all, cn not prioritize.

Today 11 feb saw 2 movies french film "passion" by french director jean-luc Gordad. dis is my second film of Gordad, first film was "my life to live". must confess here i dn't understand anything.......hahahaahhahahahhaa, Gordad is critically acclaimed director, but he cn't convince me.....hahahahahaha.

second film is "Billin My Love" (2006) (Israeli) by Shai Pollack.
d director himself is an Israeli, who has worked in military, in Israel 2 yrs of military service is compulsory. its not a typical film with actors, acting on directors instruction. its like a realistic film, as d events unfold in-front of u & camera records it. Billin is a small Palestinian village is about to lose over a half of its territory to the Separation Barrier and to the Jewish settlement of Modi’in Elite. d villagers oppose dis by rallying protest, sum Israeli citizens & sum foreign nationals also0 join dem. d administration do everything to suppress d protest.

Palestinian people always live in war like situation, but d positive attitude dey show towards life is fantastic. der attitude amazes me & my faith in human values such as persistence, endurance, human efforts got stronger & stronger. how people cn live in so much difficulty & keep der hope alive & keep smiling.........it not only inspires me but oders also......even in d worst circumstances, keep doing d best u cn do.........while watching d film, d problems, worries we face in our life is nothing as compare to dese people.

so if u got a chance to saw dis wonderful & Inspiring film, go ahead.

m sourabh paranjape,.................signing ooooffffff.........

byeee..........ciaaaaoooooo,..........take care :)))))))))

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