Feb 15, 2010

About Blogging

Good Morning everybody,

writing a blog is really different thing, quite exciting, inspiring......it's a good platform to express ur thoughts, feelings. u can write abt anything & everything. whether anybody reads it or not, u shouldn't be cared abt it. ur job is to express urself.......reading a blog is different thing all toghter.
to write on sumthing, u must be aware of thing, reading is also required.........so naturally u start reading, updating urself, which is really good thing. little reading & writing everyday is very important. as ur writing u stay alert, searching topics, issues so u can write abt dem.
writing abt social issues is very important.

as i say u can expect & dn't expect anything frm my blog, from cinema, music, dance, books, partying, eating........ everything because it's abt life, abt being humane. & i dn't care if any1 is reading it or not.......haahahahhaaha !!!!!!!

readingg my blog sum may be surprised, how can i write ????? how can i write sumthing like this????? others may be expecting this. m always full of surprises, & der is always sum-thing yet to be unexplored. it's like a passion, sum time times obsession........hahahaahahahahaaaaa.

so keep writing, keep blogging.................have a wonderful day.

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