Apr 30, 2010

My Spiritual journey-- Xperiments & Xperience with Meditation @ Vipassana, Dhammagiri.

Pagoda, Vipassana International Academy, Igatpuri, India.
In 'Dhammagiri' there were 4/5 huge pagoda's for meditation.

The moment we entered in Igatputi, calmness & serenity overwhelmed our mind. it was such a powerful feeling of emptiness &  absence of thought, yet we have not started meditation. this is because so many years of practicing meditation by sadhak's (practitioner), the entire land possess such mystical powers to calm & distress your mind.
when we enter the actual meditation complex called 'Dhammagiri', it was like a paradise. calm, quite,beautiful yet simple. every sadhak meditate 8/9 hrs @ 'Dhammagiri'
when the actual course commence, any communication like talking (even signals with hands & eyes) with other sadhaks is strictly prohibited. while in 'Dhammagiri', every sadhak has to follow a code of conduct.
All who attend a Vipassana course must conscientiously undertake the following five precepts for the duration of the course:

 1. to abstain from killing any living creature;
 2. to abstain from stealing;
 3. to abstain from all sexual activity;
 4. to abstain from telling lies;
 5. to abstain from all intoxicants.

This type of small decorative structures are all over the complex, where you can sit & relaxed.

This is a 'bell', used to signal all the sadhak's/practitioner for lunch, dinner.

This is the Dhamma hall, where our group use to meditate.

In Dhammagiri, everyone has to follow a routine, while practising Vipassana, exercise is not allowed. only exercise allowed is walking. This is a 'Pradakshina marga' (walking lane), where sadhak's take a walk after their meals & in free time.

Room no. I-12, where we reside
The room is comfortable for 2 persons. In 'Dhammagiri' there are 3 types of residence available for sadhaks.
the rooms are located on a distance. 

Beautiful landscape in 'Dhammagiri'
The landscape in 'Dhammagiri' is very beautiful, & enchanted. every time you saw, it;s different & more captivated. especially in the morning, the mountain in this picture covers with fog. it looks like the sky has come down to meet mountain.

Pavan Jain, my roommate @ 'Dhammagiri'

for more information go to following link

अनेक होत्या (गज़ल)

आठवणींचा तुझ्या नव्हता कुठेचं तोटा
ह्रदयास जाळणा-या ज्वाला अनेक होत्या (१)

सांभाळू कसा ’मी’ समाधीस माझ्या
पडद्यावर नाचणा-या मेनका अनेक होत्या (२)

आयुष्य संपवावे वाटले परंतु, जगण्यास
लावणा-या इच्छा अनेक होत्या (३)

बहकणा-या यौवनात साधाच राहिलो ’मी’
नादास लावणा-या वासना अनेक होत्या (४)

का? कसा? कशाला? भेदभाव करु ’मी’
सर्वश्रेष्ठ माझ्या रचना अनेक होत्या (५)

लपवू कसे लावंण्यास माझ्या, रस्तावर
वखवखणा-या नजरा अनेक होत्या (६)
                       -सौरभ सुधीर परांजपे

Apr 29, 2010

Inter Milan going to Madrid for final

Jose Mourinho celebrating after Barcelona-Inter match

Barcelona have beaten Inter Milan 1-0 in the second leg of their Champions League semi-final, but Inter advance to the final 3-2 on aggregate.
The Italians face Louis van Gaal's Bayern Munich in Madrid on May 22 and Mourinho is relishing the meeting with his former mentor at Barcelona.
The Italians shocked the favourites and defending champions Barcelona by limiting them to just a 1-0 win at Nou Camp in the second leg of the semi-final. Inter triumphed 3-2 on aggregate to book a date with Bayern Munich.
Inter were also down to ten men after Thiago Motta was sent off in the 29th minute. Despite conceding a late goal to Barca's Gerard Pique, Inter held on in the end.

Inter Milan players celebrating after the match

Mourinho's side, protecting a 3-1 lead from the first leg, were reduced to 10 men following Thiago Motta's 28th-minute dismissal, but the Italians defended heroically - and at times cynically - to deny Pep Guardiola's men.
And for Mourinho, who celebrated triumphantly on the pitch at the final whistle, it was vindication following a turbulent spell in Italy and his controversial departure from Chelsea, where he was unable to deliver a repeat of his remarkable Champions League success with Porto.

Inter Milan players posing before match

disappointed Gerrard Pique, triumphant Lusio

Love or Hate me
Jose Mourinho, architect of Barca's exit from Champions League. he masterminded Inter's win.
Jose Mourinho has admitted he could never coach Barcelona after crushing their Champions League dream last
Best of Luck to Jose & his Inter team for UEFA Champions League final in Madrid

(Source - ESPNSTAR.com)

Apr 28, 2010

Barcelona Vs Inter Milan- semi final

FC Barcelona - The comeback: two goals to reach Madrid
(promotional video by FC Barcelona)

Bayer Munchen already reached in final of UEFA Champions League which will be heald @ Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid. Tonight it will be clear which other team between Barcelona & Inter Milan will join them in the finals @ Madrid.

Barcelona Vs Inter Milan

Jose Mourinho Vs Josep Guardiola
(Coach Jose Mourinho (L) of Inter Milan follows his players backdropped by Coach Josep Guardiola of FC Barcelona during the UEFA Champions League match)

Josep Guardiola wants his FC Barcelona team to take the initiative from the off when the UEFA Champions League holders host FC Internazionale Milano striving to overturn a 3-1 first-leg loss.

Holders FC Barcelona have been instructed to "attack more than we did in the first leg" by Josep Guardiola in order to overturn a 3-1 deficit against FC Internazionale Milano and reach the UEFA Champions League final. While the Azulgrana coach wants the home support to create a party atmosphere at the Camp Nou, opposite number José Mourinho is hoping Inter can take one step closer to achieving their "dream" of a first European crown since 1965.
Josep Guardiola, Barcelona coach
Inter are an extraordinary team. Everyone is talking a lot about us and saying hardly anything about Inter. We have to control possession and attack more than we did in the first leg. We're very happy, it's a pleasure to be faced with this match and I want the players to know this is a privilege, an honour that we might not have again. I want them to enjoy it and I want the fans to see this as a huge party.
I don't know if we'll turn the tie around or not. We want to reach the final and we have a good enough team to do it, but we have never said this is a done deal. In Milan we scored the first goal and then stopped pushing for the second and we have to change that because we only have 90 minutes. We respect Inter a lot and we're not thinking about what we have accomplished before, only about winning the Champions League again. If we get to the final it'll be after playing a great match.

José Mourinho, Inter coach
We will see if [Wesley] Sneijder can play the full 90 minutes. He has a minor injury but he will play. There are important matches after this one so I will have to take a risk. The scoreboard says it's 3-1 with 90 minutes left, but history is full of cases when a team that held an advantage ended up losing. How many times have results been turned around? The only thing concerning me is helping Inter realise their dream.
I can't say it's my dream because I've won the Champions League before, but for Inter it's been over 40 years since they won the competition so it's a dream for them. It'll be a different match to the one in November, when Barcelona were superior to us in many ways. I also expect a different game to the first leg, too. Barcelona are still the great team they were in November and December but Inter have improved.

Diego vs Gabriel : Clash of the Militos

Brothers Gabriel and Diego Milito will be on opposite sides of the pitch when Barcelona host Inter Milan.
Younger brother Gabriel will line up at the back of the Barca defence to repel the Inter forwards who will be led by brother Diego. The siblings have played against each other since they went professional. Gabi played for Argentine first division club Atletico Independiente while Diego was the forward for arch-rivals Racing Club de Avellaneda.

Team news
Andrés Iniesta (right thigh), Eric Abidal (groin tear)
Doubtful: none
Suspended: Carles Puyol
Misses next match if booked:
 Daniel Alves, Gerard Piqué
• Abidal failed a fitness test on Tuesday so Maxwell could start while Gabriel Milito may replace Puyol, meaning he could face elder brother Diego.

Davide Santon (knee), Francesco Toldo (leg)
Doubtful: Goran Pandev (thigh)
Dejan Stanković
Misses next match if booked: Samuel Eto'o, Maicon, Walter Samuel, Javier Zanetti
• Inter are hopeful that Pandev can recover from his first-leg injury while Wesley Sneijder was withdrawn at half-time against Atalanta BC on Saturday with a hamstring problem.

(Courtesy by http://www.uefa.com)

Apr 27, 2010

एकजुटीचा ऎलान

आपण एक आहोत मनाने, आत्माने सांगावेसे वाटते
सगळ्यांना जवळ करुन, विसरुन वैर ऒरडावेसे वाटते
आपण एक आहोत..................

ताजमहालाच्या साषीने, विसरुन हेवेदावे, प्रेम करावे

आयफेलच्या मनो-यावर चढुन बंधुतेचा, समानतेचा,
स्वातंत्र्याचा संदेश सांगावा

चीनच्या भींतीवरुन धावत, झुगारुन पायातील श्रुंखला
आनंदाने किंचाळावे, आपण एक आहोत, मनाने
सांगावेसे वाटते.....................

रोमच्या कँलोसियमसारखे मनाला विस्तारुन ,
सगळ्यांना आपल्या कवेत घ्यावेसे वाटते

स्वातंत्र्यदेवते समोर शपथ घेऊन, (व्यक्ती)
स्वातंत्र्याचा ऎलान करावेसे वाटते

स्फिऩच्या (Pyramid of Sphinx) पायथ्याशी बसून
विस्तिर्ण वाळवंटात स्वत:ची ऒळख विसरुन
एकत्र यावेसे वाटते, आपण एक आहोत..........

बर्लिन भींतीच्या अवशेषांना स्मरुन, तोडुन सगळ्या
वर्ण, रंग, भाषा, धर्म यांच्या भींती
सगळ्याना मिठीत घेऊन सांगावेसे वाटते

आपण एक आहोत मनाने, आत्माने सांगावेसे वाटते
सगळ्यांना जवळ करुन, विसरुन वैर ऒरडावेसे वाटते
आपण एक आहोत..................

-सौरभ सुधीर परांजपे (ठाणे)

Preview- Bayern vs Lyon In UEFA Champions League

Arjen Robben goal agaist Lyon

Olympique Lyonnais
 Bayern München 

in UEFA Champions League semi-final clash

Lyon will be looking to overturn a 1-0 deficit against the Bavarians giants Bayern Munchen in the second leg at the Stade Gerland in order to reach the final of Europe's premier club competition for the first time.
Arjen Robben scored a goal agaist Lyon in the 1 st leg in Munic Germany.

Claude Puel, Lyon coach
We've spent three days away from the city like we did before Real Madrid, and it's been calm and quiet. I think our lack of experience compared with Bayern won't cause any problems. We have to win by a two-goal margin, so we need to be enterprising. Bayern are confident and they have reason to be because they dominated the first match. Let them be confident. They succeeded in pinning us back during the first leg. We can have some regrets but they can too because they could have scored more goals.
We cannot wait. We'll have to really concentrate [but] I'm confident we can beat any team in Europe. We're not worrying about our opponents. We know if Bayern have some injury problems, other good players will take their place. We have to play our own game, not like in the first leg.

Louis van Gaal, Bayern coachWhen I used to manage teams in the Netherlands I always said to my players that German teams fight until the last minute. You could never say you'd won until the final whistle. We must do the same here. There's an incredible will in our squad. We've always come up with the answer; we depend only on ourselves.
Unfortunately, several players had injury troubles at the weekend. The tactical aspect was fine last week after Franck Ribéry's red card and I'm really proud of that. We always play to attack; we're not a team who can defend and avoid conceding goals. We've not played any differently all season and we're not going to start now. I never feel pressure before a match. As the game approaches, the tension starts to mount but it's useful; I need it to make my decisions. 

Team news
Out: Anatoliy Tymoshchuk (gastroenteritis)
Doubtful: Martín Demichelis (calf), Daniel Van Buyten (calf), Diego Contento (leg), Miroslav Klose (illness)
Suspended: Danijel Pranjić, Franck Ribéry
Misses next match if booked: none
• Tymoshchuk has not travelled to France while Demichelis and Van Buyten picked up minor calf problems on Saturday and Klose missed training on Monday with a cold.

• Hamit Altıntop trained on Sunday after recovering from a groin problem and will be available.
Out: François Clerc (knee), Joan Hartock (ruptured Achilles), Mathieu Bodmer (hamstring)
Doubtful: Jean II Makoun (groin), Lisandro (ankle), Jean-Alain Boumsong (calf)
Suspended: Jérémy Toulalan
Misses next match if booked: Aly Cissokho, César Delgado, Maxime Gonalons, Kim Källström, Cris, Miralem Pjanić
• Cris is likely to play despite suffering hip and knee injuries in Munich, saying on Monday: "I feel better and should be OK". Boumsong has resumed training and is expected to play.

Apr 23, 2010

मी कविता करायला लागलो

मी कविता करायला लागलो
कधी कधी मीही लिहायला लागलो
चार-दोन ऒळी खर्डायला लागलो
इकडून-तिकडून, ऒढुन-ताणून
शब्द मांडुन, यमक जोडायला लागलो
आणि त्याला, कविता म्हणायला लागलो
मीही कविता करायला लागलो

कुठल्याही विषयावर काव्य करु लागलो
नाही मिळाला, तर शोधायला लागलो
चारदोघांना, हळूच ऎकवायला लागलो
कविता करतो, अभिमानाने सांगायला लागलो

थोडी दाढी वाढवून, अस्ताव्यस्त केस
स्वत:च्याच तंद्रित रहायला लागलो
मोरोपंत, कुसुमाग्रज, विंदा, अशी नावे
एकाच दमात घ्यायला लागलो

घोळक्यात बिनदिक्कत कविता म्हणून
कोणाला आवडो वा न आवडो
आपली मते मांडायला लागलो
मधेच जडबंबाळ शब्द वापरायला लागलो

कधी कधी मीही लिहायला लागलो
चार-दोन ऒळी खर्डायला लागलो
              -सौरभ सुधीर परांजपे

                        फोटोतील आदरणिय व्यक्ति - (१) कुसुमाग्रज, (२) विंदा करंदिकर, (३) ग्रेस