Apr 13, 2010

Thank you FRIENDS.

Hi friends,

I'm very delighted & excited to inform you that my poem/gazal 'Vedanechi Sanvedana' is featured/published in 'esakal', & the feedback (comment/remarks) you all gave really moved me. I'm very much grateful to all of you. your support & encouragement will always inspire me.

for those who could not saw, m posting the link of 'esakal'.

To see the 'esakal', follow the link below:

Here want to share some comments, after reading the gazal some of my friends remarks 'its very painful, so much grief & suffering.......who is she??.......who inspire you to wrote the gazal??......or rather you have written for whom??
I told them smilingly 'agar uska nam lunga to vo badnam ho jayegi' (if i revealed her name, she will be infamous)

one of my FACEBOOK friend (she is from Croatia, & dn't understand MARATHI) want to know what i have wrote, & told she couldn't understand as it's in my language. I was very happy to know that she want & desired to know.........so m going to translate it in English, so any person can understand the meaning of it.

so again thank you friends of all your encouragement & support.....:))

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