Apr 20, 2010

Clash of TITANS Inter Vs Barca UEFA Champions League

                          Inter Milan 


                     Jose Mourinho  
                      Pep Guardiola
                      Clash of top managers in Europe

Top cream of European footballing clubs clash tonight in two leged semi-final, for the finals in Madrid, Spain.
i'm very excited, all though i do like both clubs Inter & Barca . especially m vivid supportor/fan of Jose Mourinho & also Pep Guardiola........so i decided to remail neutral, & enjoy the clash of Titans.

I'm just cn't wait to star the match.......whoever wins, it wll be a great footballing match.
The beautiful game of football wll be the winner.

It is said that whoever wins this game wll lift the Champions League trophy in santiago bernabeu stadium Madrid.

so my Best wishes to both teams & managers & fans.

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