Apr 14, 2010

Feeling of Pain (translation of my MARATHI gazal)

Hi Friends,
             here i'm presenting the translation of my Marathi poem/gazal 'Vedanechi Sanvedana'. One of my FACEBOOK friend Dolly (she is from Croatia, & dn't understand MARATHI),

after seeing my poem, she asked me  what i have wrote, & told she couldn't understand as it's in my language. 
            I was very happy to know that she want & desired to know my poem.........so m  translate it in English, so any person can understand the meaning of it.

Thanks a lot Dolly, otherwise i won't translate it, if you hvn't asked me about it.

                                feeling of Pain

so much of grief, pain, sorrow came my way, I start liking them
& then develop disliking for happiness, pleasure (aversion for happiness, pleasure)...(1)

Everyday I delicately pamper my grief, pain, sorrow & for her (pain, grief)
I star opening the wounds (which are on their way to healing)...(2)

The pain & suffering which are healed, i awaken them
I filed my veins & entire body with with it (grief, pain, sorrow)...(3)

when the lust of pain & suffering start increasing rampantly,
I  begged (prayed) god to bless me with more pain,grief....(4)

Start avoiding, averting happiness, pleasure & star hugging pain
when I start enjoying pain like sex.....(5)

with absent of pain & grief i become so desperate
that in my prayers, i asked for pain & suffering...(6)

I went on rampantly, uncontrolled with the sense of pain,
consuming poison of pain/grief & even easily digesting it....(7)

when i was in the state of euphoria & ecstasy,
at that time i started consuming pain & grief like alcohol....(8)

pain changed all my beliefs, i start believing that only pain, sufferings are ever lasting, unending
they are my only true, constant companions....(9)

I start believing that only pain, sufferings are very important, precious
so i start hiding them from others....(10)

I start wishing, wanting (craving) other's pain, sufferings, grief
compassionately, believing their pain, sufferings as mine.....(11)

                                              - Sourabh Sudhir Paranjape
                                                 (Thane, Maharashtra, India)

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