Feb 22, 2010

The Beginning....

Hear i was sitting all alone in Jupiter Hospital's 3 rd floor, as my father was admitted in ICU.
In the morning he was feeling uneasy and in the evening suddenly he went unconscious.
now he is very well & recovering steadily.
But the day we admitted him, @ dat night i was sitting alone in the visitors room thinking & looking sum where in space & suddenly from nowhere sum thoughts (lines) came in my mind.
at that time i don't have pen & paper, so i borrowed a pen from person who happens to be there & sum how manage to find a piece of paper, den start writing whatever came in my mind.
I was really surprised, because i came up with 2 kavita/poems within 30 mins.
Before this i have never written anything much. it was like a miracle, sitting in a hospital, my father was unconscious in ICU, & i was outside all alone, cum up with this. I don't know what went inside me, or where that inspiration came from; but it was worth satisfying.
It gave a feeling of expressing oneself artistically. in all i wrote 5 kavita/poems.
you can't imagine what was going through my mind, it's a mixture of many emotions. sense of satisfaction, proud, solitude, compassion, fear, anxiety, confusion; that how can i write like this at this moment of time.
felling of disgust, hate, anger towards the established system helplessness, despair. all these emotions, i express them in the poems.
At the end feeling of profound peace overwhelm me. whatever was going in the mind, i express that. not to evaluate or analyse, just as it is.
Paulo Coelho is my favorite writter, i love his books.
I dedicate these writing to Paulo Coelho, who i think inspires me to write.

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