Feb 12, 2010

again from Kaha Ghoda

Good Evening everybody.

again @ ur service with Kala ghoda film festival (KGFF) updates. hope u like my previous post on KGFF. its fabulous experience attending KGFF, although many films shown in d festival were already shown on UTV world movies.
must apologize for not mentioning films of Anand Patwardhan, our own gr8 short film (documentary) director, his two films A Time to Rise (1981) witch is on the efforts of Indian immigrant (mostly sikh) farm workers in Canada to form a union. second is In Memory of Friends (1990) On the efforts of a group of Sikhs and Hindus to rebuild communal harmony wich is weaken on d background of Indira Gandhi's assassination, & massacre of Sikh community in Delhi.
basically d main theme of both d film is humane suffering, & der struggle against d oppression, atrocities. d direction of film is excellent, research done for d film is profound. film also gives d information/knowledge of d environment pre & post event.

next is a French film Secrets Of State (2008) by Philippe Haim, witch is based on terrorism.
In France, terrorist groups and intelligence agencies battle in a merciless war everyday, in the name of radically opposed ideologies. its about human love, revenge, hatred, patriotism, how far a state & persons can go to protect his country, love. d limit a person can fall to take revenge. its a must to watch movie.

Herd a lot abt Akira Kurosawa & his film (such as rashoman) but never got a chance to watch dem, until now. in KGFF screning of Akira Kurosawa's Quiet Duel.
film tells a story of a young doctor, contracts syphilis from a patient during wartime surgery. After the war, he returns to his fiancée and rejects her without explanation.
as d movie unfolds in front of us, we unknowingly got involved in to it. film shows d display of intense humane emotions, d struggle between ideals & desires. we also took d roller costar ride of emotions.

next is Waltz With Bashir (Hebrew) (2008) its an animated film, wich is based on real events in Israel & Palestine conflicts. d director Ari Folman, who himself is a former soldier in Israeli defense Forces, lost his memory. in order to regain his lost memory, & to know what actually happened, he discuss wid his friends, who wer wid him in war. thus unfolding a story of massacre of Palestinian people in Beirut Lebanon.

so friends if u have a chance to saw dese films, dn't let it go.........enjoyyyy.

dis is sourabh paranjape signing ooooooffffff......................cu tomorrow.

Good Night.....................Shubh Ratri. :D

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