May 19, 2010

Xperience @ Prithvi Theater

Got a chance to perform two shows of hindi play @ Prithvi Theater.

The both shows were 'housefool', many people went disappointed as they couldn't got the tickets.
Performing @ Prithvi is really different from performing @ 'Gadkari Rangayetan', or 'Kalidas Natyamandir'
b'cause Prithvi theater is not like tradotional theater. it is very close to audience, & its 3 side are surrounded by can get the idea in the pick.

Prithvi theater is one of the top most & reputed theater in Mumbai, many 'Bollywood' personalities perform their. i saw Anupam kher, his play was scheduled after our show.

After the show, one lady complement me abt my acting & presence of mind. i was  so delighted & overwhelmed by it.......i cn't explain it.
One funny incident happens in the middle of the play, one character (in the play) says "Samaz me aaya?? (do you understand??)".......suddenly one girl (age approx between 10 to 15) sitting in the first raw & very close to the stage shote, "Nahi samazaaa" (don't understand).......i spontaneously replayed, "thahro aabhi samaz me aa jayega" (wait you will understand). it was so spontaneous & quick that i was also surprised when i look back & remember that was really funny.
The lady was complimenting on that incidence, where i show presence of mind.

Shri. Shashi Kapoor @ Prithvi Theater.

He saw our play. he like our play & enjoy it very much.
one lady ask him, did he enjoy the play? 
He said 'yes'. the lady asked, 'which play he enjoy/like the most?
Shri. Shashi Kapoor answer, 'first one (which was ours). i was their, and that was the most happiest moment of my life. Performing @ Prithvi theater, attended by Shri. Shashi Kapoor. I personally met him after the show, shook hand with him.........that was really Great.

me standing outside of  Prithvi Theater.

me with large poster of Shri. Prithvi Raaj Kapoor in the make-up room

me with another large poster of Shri. Prithvi Raaj Kapoor in the make-up room

Prithvi Theater- Mr. Ramnath Tharwal (acting guru) giving instructions to us.

Waiting in the Cafeteria @ Prithvi Theater.

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  1. सुंदर खूपच सुंदर. अप्रतिम गझल, अगदी मन भरून आलं.